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Eurofins Genomics Clinical Lab

Located in same facility as Eurofins Genomics, Eurofins Clinical Molecular Testing Services Laboratory provides clinical Sanger sequencing and clinical next generation sequencing for the identification and confirmation of human genetic variants.

DNA extraction from whole blood, buccal swabs and saliva; design and validation of Sanger sequencing assays for SNPs and small insertion or deletion variants; design and validation of fragment size and microsatellite assays; next generation sequencing cystic fibrosis mutation panel. Fast turn-around-time; customized patient reports.

CLIA, CAP; New York, California, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Rhode Island state CLIA licenses.

Applied Genomics
12701 Plantside Dr.
KY 40299

Phone: 1-502-302-6313
Fax: 1-502-470-7371


Broader Clinical Diagnostic Group

A shared ambition: to offer all our patients the best possible care

Clinical diagnostics at the heart of the healthcare system

Clinical diagnostic tests are a key factor in 70% of medical decisions. 

A central element in healthcare, clinical diagnostic testing today contributes to every stage of patient care: predisposition testing, prevention, diagnostics, theranostics and monitoring of treatments.

Innovating today for the health of all tomorrow

Eurofins stands for a conception of clinical diagnostics entirely focused on excellence, innovation and technological investment.

Genetics and genomics are gradually marking out the new outlines of tomorrow's clinical diagnostics and our labs are investing heavily in these advanced technologies (NGS, i.e. Next Generation Sequencing), which already have a large number of applications for many people from NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing) to predictive genetics of cancers or in personalized medicine that can offer patients individualized treatment based on their genetic and metabolic profiles.

The commitment of our laboratories: to work for public health

A healthcare service available to all

With tens of thousands of clinical diagnostic tests every day, the laboratories of the Clinical Diagnostics division strive to ensure that every patient, wherever he or she lives, is assured of access to the most specialized and most innovative techniques for diagnosis, monitoring and therapeutic adjustment.

With our logistics expertise and our daily sample collection and delivery network, we can guarantee perfect continuity in the provision of care, the same quality and the same access to innovation across all the regions that we serve, to the benefit of patients and the medical profession.

Our labs, technical platforms and our high specialized clinical testing platforms are thus working in the service of public health, focusing on improving the quality and effectiveness of clinical diagnostics and giving all our partners access to state-of-the-art clinical biology, the biology of today and tomorrow in the service of a more personalized medicine.

Enabling equal access to the most innovative tests

Offering the most innovative tests to the wider population at a cost that is affordable for society, this is our mission.

While promoting prevention and screening, earlier and more accurate diagnoses, more efficient, faster and safer therapeutic management, and at the same time reducing diagnostic and therapeutic error and side effects of treatments, our laboratories also respond to the need to control health spending.

We therefore work closely with health authorities, clinical pathology professionals and clinicians as well as with public and private hospitals to monitor developments in medicine and to reflect on the positioning, financing and innovation in clinical biology in the service of public health.

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