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Bioinformatic Solutions

Delivering comprehensive and high quality data analyses

Order your next generation project with our bioinformatic services and get processed data that is easy to evaluate and interpret.

Our outstanding expertise, state-of-the-art software, and certified hardware ensure that all your individual project data demands are fulfilled.

Our bioinformatic services at a glance:


De Novo Assembly »

  • Assembly of genomes of any size
  • Assembly of large insert constructs e.g. BACs
  • De novo transcriptome assembly to obtain full size transcripts


Mapping & Variance Analysis »

  • Mapping of any re-sequencing data to a reference sequence
  • Detection of variances (SNPs, small InDels, and structural variances)


Transcriptome Analysis »

  • Mapping of cDNA reads to a unigene set or an annotated reference genome
  • Analysis of expression profiles or splice variants


Amplicon Variance Analysis »

  • Sorting and clipping of amplicon reads
  • Clustering of reads (without reference sequence)
  • 16 / 18S or 22 / 28S phylogenetic analysis
  • Analysis of variances in comparison to a given reference sequence


BLAST Analysis »

  • Blast alignments against latest database releases

If you have special requirements for your bioinformatic solution, just contact us!